SLASL Tours Lanka

SLASL Tours Lanka

Sri Lanka uses a range of sockets, including European and UK plug styles, so an international travel agency may come in useful.

Specialised Sri Lankan can be bought in major hotels and many shops.

Airport Tax

An airport tax is built into the price of your flight tickets; Sri Lankan departure tax is no longer paid on departure.

Allow Enough Time

We believe that you will discover Sri Lankans to be the most courteous and friendly people in the world. However, Sri Lanka will not be rushed, and a genial, relaxed service is not always a rapid one. Allow a little more time for checking out of hotels, ordering food, paying bills, travelling etc.


Please ask permission before taking photographs of people and respect their wishes if they refuse. Minority groups in particular are often unhappy to have their photo taken. Photographing Buddhist Monks is not taboo but can create awkwardness, so assess the situation and if in doubt ask. We do not recommend paying for the right to take a photo.

Clothing Day-to-Day

Pack for heat and humidity. Long-sleeves might be advisable after dusk to protect against mosquitoes. In the hill country, where it is cooler, a light sweater is frequently required at night.

On the Beach

Topless sunbathing is officially illegal. The use of bikinis is generally considered acceptable while on the beach. When swimming in rivers or lakes ask for local advice, as covering up may be necessary.


Away from the beach/pool, be aware that dress standards are comparatively conservative and it is common practice to wear loose, long and lightweight clothing. Be especially careful about modest dress when visiting religious sites, where knees and shoulders are often required to be covered.

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